About Chelsea

I believe that homes are functional places to rest, eat, study, entertain, grow, and live, not just showcases for objects. I like rooms that invite you in and tell you to stay awhile. But more than anything, I love the small details that make a home a home: the photographs that tell of a family’s journey together, rooms filled with creative bouquets and soft lighting, layered collectibles, and especially, showcases of treasures found while traveling. I believe that most people are intuitive about design without even knowing it. However, they need a guide to bring their intuition to life.


I am a self-trained decorator who found my calling at the age of eight. I am constantly learning, reading design books, taking classes and seminars, and traveling the world to understand how and where things are made. I am passionate about my work and bring enthusiasm to every job I undertake. Environmental impact is always factored into my work. I prefer to work with sustainable design principles as much as possible and I educate clients about their choices, encouraging them to carefully consider the materials they will use in their home.


Here I am at ages eight and twelve, hard at work on my first major design job: my dollhouse. I worked on it over the course of four years.  Babysitting money went into every last detail, and I’d beg my mom to bring me to the "Dollhouse" shop in town on the weekends. I came up with a color palette, design scheme, and even tried my hand at roofing and bricklaying. I did have to bring in one subcontractor, however, my younger sister, to do the electrical work. She was, by far, the more patient one when it came to installing wire. 


As a child I lived in sixteen different homes and even at a young age every house was a like a blank canvas for me. My family would pack up a Uhaul trailer in the summers and follow my father as he worked from New York to Puerto Rico, from Montana to Illinois. In all of the houses we rented and owned, I would create a new bedroom. This ability to constantly be dreaming up and creating new spaces is in my design DNA. The desire to look at the blank canvas of a room or house and bring it to life, paired with my love of listening to and helping people have informed who I am as a designer more than anything else.  

About Kimberly

Kimberly is an east coast transplant, having put down roots in the bay area 12 years ago.  She is happily married with 2 awesome boys and two giant Golden Retrievers. Kimberly brings 10+ years experience in project management through her previous career in commercial real estate. She was responsible for multi-million dollar projects working directly with tenants and contractors to ensure the project was done on time and on budget.

At Chelsea Sachs Design, Kimberly will ensure that your project is handled and managed in a professional and timely manner. Providing excellent customer service is a top priority.