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    Functioning as a creative partner for creatives is no easy task, and Chelsea rose to the challenge. She translated our bicoastal company's story into an experience that inspires and empowers staff to do our work, while celebrating the results each day. Our downtown Oakland lab is balanced in Washington, D.C. in uniquely urban, funky, bright and functional ways. Ostrich feathers, air plants and our brand's bold color palette are grounded by modern furnishings, whiteboard walls and architectural accents, to offer homey, productive environments. As we welcome clients and partners into our spaces they see what unites our company and what distinguishes each hub. I couldn't be more thrilled with the way Chelsea guided our process, and the outcomes of our immersive, thoughtful and fun work together.

    - Amy Hartzler, Free Range Studios
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    People walk into our house and say "Wow!" We don't have a necessarily large home, extravagant pieces of art or an amazing view. But when you walk into our home, it invokes that "wow" feeling. This is because of Chelsea and it began with her very first presentation. It was amazing to see her incredible sense of detail and creativity, which shepherded us through the entire process. Her ability to bring to life the abstract ideas we gave her when we filled out her questionnaire was remarkable. And the best was yet to come! Besides being mindful of our budget, adhering to our timeline and working well with our contractor; for every shopping trip and meeting, Chelsea carried with her samples of our wood floors, possible paint colors, carpet and wood selections, the metal from our light fixtures, our concrete stain and multiple tile samples. She tirelessly carried it all saying "you just want to make sure it all works together." And it did. It was so obvious to us that interior design is what Chelsea is meant to do and we were incredibly lucky that we had her doing it for us.

    - Adrea and Danny Goldberg, Marin Craftsmen
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    I hired Chelsea to complete the interior and exterior design of my new 5,000 square foot home. I was completely overwhelmed at the task that lay before me but Chelsea turned it into an interesting and exciting experience. First and foremost she got to know what I liked. She asked me questions that allowed me to articulate what makes me happy and comfortable. That’s when I knew she was designing a house for me, not for her and I appreciate that after past experiences where someone else’s taste overshadowed mine. The next step was for her to spend a lot of time in the home creating her vision of how the space could be transformed. Places that seemed like an impossible challenge (giant entryway that need something special) inspired her more. Once she had the vision, she used her impressive organizational skills to lay out a plan. She even traveled to Asia and India to find unique treasures I didn’t know existed. For example, she found the most amazing lantern chandelier from Thailand for the entryway that dazzled the eye and created immediate impact for the home. She even found the right electrician to hang it just the right way. The final step was incorporating the outside with the inside to create the complete home experience. She coordinated with the landscaper to lay out everything in accordance with the design theme - including a water feature and furniture. She transformed an empty home into a work of art with items that were so unusual and different that I couldn’t wait to show it off to everyone I knew! I enthusiastically recommend Chelsea Sachs for both the largest and smallest design jobs. She approaches every challenge with the same work ethic and skill no matter the size.

    - Jeanie Buss, LA Haven
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    Put simply, we had an excellent overall experience working with Chelsea. Her philosophical approach to our project was just the right mix of hands-on directive guidance and hands-off collaborative support when we sought to make decisions on our own. Her design sensibility was a huge asset to us as our primary objective for the home was to achieve a unified, balanced design aesthetic that carried throughout the home. Chelsea did a fantastic job holding us to that objective and providing options in terms of interior finishes, furnishings and other material selections that created the 'mountain modern' mix to which we aspired. She also has an excellent Rolodex of unique suppliers which was a huge benefit to us as we worked to create a truly unique environment for our family and friends. Lastly, and quite importantly, Chelsea helped us avoid making some disastrous decisions which we now see, in hindsight, would have resulted in a far inferior end product. My wife and I would recommend Chelsea without hesitation to anyone building or designing a home, she is a pleasure to work with and very good at what she does.

    - Tim and Heather Albinson, Mountain Modern
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    Chelsea is our dream designer. She has it all - the eye to see beyond what is there into what is possible; the ear to hear even subtle wishes, hesitations, and desires; the mind to solve problems creatively and move beyond impasses comfortably; the connections to sources that keep options open and costs down; the experience to know when to push, when to yield, when to wait; and the heart to care about her clients enough to truly understand them and mold herself to meet their needs, constraints, and capacities. We cannot imagine better experiences or outcomes than we've found with Chelsea. As we prepare for our next remodel project, it's Chelsea whom we trust to respect our budget, protect our home, and inspire our imaginations.

    - Vince Valente and Jill Adams, Montclair, CA
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    My husband and I were moving from a small city apartment to a house in the suburbs. We needed a designer who was able to take our vision, as one dimensional as it was, and expand it to capture the house and turn it into our home. Chelsea was brilliant. She spent time discussing with us the atmosphere and feeling we wanted our home to exude. She explained to us in detail how colors should flow from room to room throughout the house. We discussed what changes we would make to the house such as new rugs, paint, and furniture. Chelsea guide us thorough each decision with extreme professionalism. She created multiple design boards for each room based upon our discussions of concepts and colors. We carried these boards with us everywhere, and began to see our vision become a reality. Chelsea guided us through the budgeting process, always respecting our financial limitations. We had thought we would need to purchase many new pieces to create our home; however, Chelsea’s ability to take our existing furniture and decor and transform them to not only fit in our new home, but to give them a new life, was outstanding. Furniture we had fell in love with but could not see in our new home, Chelsea found the perfect place for it. It was this attention to details that truly created our home. Chelsea took the charm and warmth of our small city apartment and painted it all the way through our home. Thank you Chelsea, you did a superb job!

    - Aaron and Melissa Hertzel, Sharon, MA
  • Images from the home of Paul and Laura, Geduldig.

    My husband and I hired Chelsea to help us organize, de-clutter and revitalize the look, feel and energy of our home. We have two young kids and very little time or energy to work on our house. Chelsea's natural flair for style, color and flow mixed with her commitment to eco-friendly/sustainable design was a perfect match for our needs. She was able to work with both our limited budget AND our desire to not buy a bunch of new "stuff", by rearranging our existing art and furniture to create a completely fresh and new space. From the beginning Chelsea walked us through a very thought provoking process that helped us get in touch with what was most important to us about our home and the changes we wanted to make. She's a great listener and took all of our jumbled ideas and pulled them together into a coherent plan of action. We truly felt like a team working together towards our goal of a more beautiful and organized home. We can't thank her enough for the work that she did with us. Everyone who comes over is blown away by what a fabulous improvement we were able to make while staying true to our values…and budget.

    - Laura and Paul Geduldig Oakland Hills